When it comes to skincare, it seems that a lot of people still follow a skin routine that was suggested back in the early 80’s (possibly 70’s!).

The good old ‘Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise’ just won’t cut it anymore.

We can do sooooo much better for our skin than that.

Not only have our lifestyles and habits changed massively but the environment – pollution and UV exposure is at an all-time high.skincare routine from the 80's The skin nurse Teddington

Alongside this, research and developments in dermatology and the skincare industry have advanced loads.

We need to adapt with the times, we need to raise our skin game and guess what? My tried and tested routine is super quick and easy!

Were all busy, I get it. We all want results, and we want them now.

I know there are a gazillion different lotions and potions out there on the market, all making big promises, but not often delivering the results.

BUT, just a couple of small tweaks to your morning and evening routine WILL get you your glowing healthy skin back.

You can get my ‘modern day’ 3-step skincare routine here.

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Best Wishes