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These are THE BEST topical antioxidant products I have EVER come across and let me tell you why… Firstly and most importantly, they work. They are backed by 30+ years of research. They have 24+ clinical studies worldwide. They have been in 20+ international Dermatology publications. They are award winning and LOVED by many celebrities…(Read More)

Being safe in the sun not only helps to avoid sun-damage and premature ageing but also reduces your risks of skin cancer.  The following six tips are simple and easy to implement into your busy day. One – Use a decent modern broad-spectrum SPF (minimun SPF 30).  These are no longer like the white…(Read More)

Very simply put, Hydroxy acids (HA’s) are an ingredient used in skin products to help remove dead skin. Mild forms of HA’s are great for gentle exfoliation and retexturising the skins surface, they also encourage a healthy skin turnover.  A healthy skin turnover equals smooth, hydrated skin. Stronger HA’s are used for…(Read More)

We get our dietary intake of Vitamin E from: Nuts and Seeds – Healthy fats Some plant oils – Olive oil, soya and corn oil Avocados Wheatgerm – cereals and breads It’s unlikely that you are deficient in Vitamin E if you eat some healthy fats in your diet and Vitamin E is not a…(Read More)

Photo-ageing is when our skin ages prematurely due to over exposure to ultraviolet light (too much sun).  Photo-ageing is a negative effect on the skin, following many years of free radical damage. Free radical damage is caused by UV sun exposure, poor diet, smoking, pollution, ill health, alcohol, sensitive skin and some medications…(Read More)

Vitamin A is found and stored in our liver.  We get it from food products such as fish oils and eggs and in leafy vegetables and carrots. Our skin needs Vitamin A to perform a variety of functions including: Exfoliation Collagen stimulation Cell turnover …and it is also vital for our eyesight. Topical Vitamin A…(Read More)

Free radicals are not lovely hippies living in Glastonbury. In relation to our skin ‘free radicals’ are active little trouble making cells which attack our skin at the deep layers causing absolute havoc and damage! Think pigmentation, dull skin, lines, wrinkles, redness, dryness etc… Free radicals are the MAIN CAUSE of premature skin ageing and…(Read More)

If anyone mentions Vitamin C to me, I immediately think of oranges – Do you?? Anyway…Vitamin C is one of our most powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C is vital for healthy immunity, healing and the production of collagen.  With this point about collagen in mind, you can see why lots of anti-aging products claim that…(Read More)

Firstly and most importantly – I use them on my skin and I LOVE them! I also use them in my treatments and recommend them to my clients, but more than that, I ensure my Mum and friends are using the good stuff too…and of course, I only want the best for them. Being a…(Read More)

    These skincare products basically sit between regular nice smelling ‘beauty’ products and the products which your Dermatologist might prescribe for you. Think decent amounts of active Vitamins, Hydroxy Acids’s, Retinols, skin peels… ‘Cosmeceuticals’ are more active than beauty products and penetrate deeper into the skin, but are not so potent that they…(Read More)