COVID-19 Vaccine and Dermal Fillers – What you need to know

by | May 16, 2021 | Dermal Filler, Uncategorized

Are dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections safe with the covid-19 vaccination?

Before I answer this, it’s worth noting that, of course, the Covid-19 vaccine is under total scrutiny and is talked about in the press multiple times a day.

Overall, the answer is YES, they are safe.

However… You may have heard stories or seen social media posts with concerns around a reaction between the covid-19 vaccine and injectables, particularly dermal fillers.

The truth is, there have been a couple of instances where following the covid-19 vaccine people have experienced some swelling at the site of previous dermal filler placement.

This is a VERY rare occurrence.

But even so, I am very mindful of it and if you have injectables, you should know the facts too.

How can this happen?

When we have the Covid-19 vaccine it triggers a immune response (to enable us to fight off the virus) this response can, in very few cases, trigger swelling where there is something foreign in the body ie dermal filler.

These reactions are not infections or allergies, they are a immune response.

What should you do if you have had dermal fillers?

Nothing if you’ve not noticed any reaction or swelling.

What should you do if you HAVE noticed some swelling?

Get in touch with your injector ASAP for advice to manage and settle the swelling.

They should advise you on whats best to do.

Whats the general advice?

It’s important to tell your medical injector when you have had or are due to have your vaccine.

The precautionary advice is to wait for two-three weeks after your vaccine before you have dermal fillers.

…and similarly if you’ve had dermal fillers recently i’d advise waiting two-three weeks before having your vaccine, if this is possible.

I’d like to remind you if you’ve not done this and you’ve had no reaction, its all fine, in the very few cases that have been noted the swelling response happens within 48hrs of the vaccine.

As I mentioned above, this response is very rare, but if you do notice any swelling in areas where you’ve previously had dermal fillers get in touch with your medical professional/injector for advice.

My initial advice to my clients, if they were to notice any swelling (none actually have btw) would be to take anti-histamines if they’re suitable and to keep in touch with me for monitoring.

This is yet ANOTHER reason why you should only see a medical professional for any injectable procedure.

One final note: Please do not let having dermal fillers in the past deter you from having the vaccine – we all need to have it to get our world back to safety.

Have a great day.

If you’re considering any injectable treatments do book in for a pre-procedure consultation here and we can see if we can work together.


Louise x