So we were all expecting clear glowing skin whist were away from the pollution, stresses of work, dirt from commuting and wearing less make up, but oh no.

It’s like our skin is having a breakdown (and a breakout).

I asked on my social media profiles and only a few people were getting lucky with their skin right now.  Most people (including myself) are struggling with random breakouts and dry patches and i’m going to tell you why.

Then, ill give you some tips on how to get on top of it all again.

Stress is a big culprit

Our emotions are all over the place right now.  When we first went into lockdown anxiety levels, for literally everyone i’ve spoken to (OK, maybe not all the males..) were through the roof.
We’re all riding this emotional rollercoaster and its playing havoc with our skin because when were stressed and worried our bodies release the stress hormone CORTISOL, which is known to increase inflammation and oil production.  Say hello to more sensitive skin and some pesky breakouts 

Hygiene in isolation

Now, I know no-one likes to admit that they don’t shower every day, but currently, people aren’t.  Its fact.  Which means that our skincare is most certainly on the back-burner.  Remember when you used to cleanse twice a day?  Sometimes even double cleanse in the evening..?  Well, it’s just not happening at the moment.  No judgement here – i’m totally guilty too!  Lack of cleansing the skin leads to a build up of sweat and sebum and dead skin cells which shows up as redness, dull dry skin and more congestion.

Diet on lockdown

We’re ALL snacking on comfort foods more than ever (or is it just me?).  Reaching for the treats to make us feel good, opening another bottle of wine, eating foods which are high calories and convenience.  Which means…Less fresh fruit and vegetables are being eaten, and this leads to less nutrients and antioxidants getting to our lovely tiny skin cells, which they need to work properly and protect our good stuff (our collagen etc).

Dehydrated skin

Lack of hydration in isolation is kind of to be expected.  Why?  Because were likely not drinking from that water bottle we carry around every day usually and were not hydrating our skin with our regular skincare routines each day.  Plus, who’s drinking more teas and coffees at home?  (Im guilty again…)

Less Exercise during self isolation

So were only allowed out once a day for a walk currently.  We can’t get to our regular classes, the gyms are all closed… What can we do?!  If your body is used to regular exercise, it will not like the new chilled version you.  Exercise is great for your skin because it gets the blood flowing which then feeds your skin with all the good stuff; the nutrients and fresh oxygen it needs.  Without this, your skin will become lacklustre and dull.

Vitamin D levels

…could be even lower than usual right now, as were all indoors more.  Vitamin D helps our skin to heal and recover better, its great for our general immunity, for strong bones and a positive mood.  I always recommend a decent (Min of 30) SPF when you’re outside or sitting by a window, see my tip below on Vit D.

What you CAN do:

1 – Try to manage your stress levels, I think were all relaxing a little now but for me I had to stop watching the news and limit my social media time.  Im also trying to get back into my meditation which is a real treat.
2 – Shower and dress every morning whatever your plans are, I guarantee you’ll feel better …And you’re much more likely to cleanse your face too! Win-Win
3 – Eat some fresh colour every day, even if its with a side order of…whatever takes your fancy.
4 – Get your favourite water bottle out and sip it throughout the day.  I don’t allow myself a second cuppa until ive had at least 500mls.  Also, after your shower in the morning, get that hydrating serum or moisturiser on!
5 – Theres a whole plethora of online workouts you could try but I know its hard.  Make sure you take that daily walk, maybe pick up the pace and jog a little; not only will this get the oxygen feeding your skin cells, you’ll feel fabulous afterwards.  Ooo those are the best endorphins…
6 – I recommend all my clients supplement their vitamin D.  It’s a vital vitamin and can impact your mood and health if you’re deficient.  They come in easy-to-use sprays and drops – any chemist or health food shop will sell it.
I hope this has been helpful, just remember your skin will settle in time, just like our moods and lives…
If you’ve not yet downloaded my Modern Day 3-step Skincare routine you can get it here.  Skincare should be quick and effective, in my opinion…