In this blog I’m talking skincare routines, specifically for us in isolation, during lockdown due to the coronavirus.

Lots of us are seeing changes in our skin, there are many factors which will be contributing to this, go here for more on that.

Keep it simple

We’re all having good days, were all a having bad days.  Being in isolation is an emotional rollercoaster, our stress and anxiety levels may be levelling out now but they’ve been firing on all cylinders recently which means there’s been lots of cortisol whizzing around our bodies creating havoc with our skin.  Thanks cortisol!  But try not to panic, this time will pass and your skin will recover.Skincare routines for isolation lockdown

This is not the time to start any new or extreme routines or buy any fancy gadgets or miracle potions.

You need to be kind to yourself and take time out.

Some days you will have more energy and others you’ll have none.  That’s OK.

Lets get to it…

On the days when you have little to no energy…

Simply have a quick shower, cleanse your face (whilst your in there) and hydrate your skin after.  That’s it.  You will feel better for it.

Here’s what I recommend for this super quick routine, suitable for all skin types:

A gentle Cleanser, like this one.  A Hydrating serum, like this one.

On the days when you have more time and can be bothered…

Still have a shower and cleanse, then apply your topical antioxidant, plus a moisturiser OR your topical antioxidant and SPF if you’re going out.  Here’s what I recommended to most of my clients:

Cleanser. Antioxidant (Vitamin C serum). Moisturiser. SPF.

On the days when you want a pamper and a chill-out

Give yourself a treat; ideally once or twice a week. Apply a exfoliating serum then lather on some mask on top, lay down and snooze… Rinse off before bed and moisturise.

Here’s what I recommend for a facial treat at home: Cleanse, apply Retexturing activator (to exfoliate and hydrate) and leave on, then apply this deliciously hydrating super Mask on top. Leave it on for as long as you like, but remove before bed.  Once rinsed off apply your favourite moisturiser or a little facial oil.

There you have it, three easy and effective skincare routines depending on your mood and your time.

To download my FREE 3 step modern day skincare guide (for normal times, they will be back) you can get it here.

Best Wishes

Louise x