Were all very aware that as we age, many changes happen to us, not all bad, but some are, lets say…undesirable.

One area I get asked about on a daily basis is the lip area.

In this blog I want to explain exactly what happens to the lips as we age and what you can do to help the process.

What exactly happens to our lips as we age?

In our late 20’s our body’s ability to produce as much hyaluronic acid and collagen starts to decline, this leads to gradual deflation of the lips.  They then become thinner and change in shape and structure.

…with this loss of volume in the lips along comes:

  • Less plumpness
  • Dehydration – fine lines on the lips
  • A non-defined border – bleeding lipstick anyone?
  • Smokers lines – whether you smoke or not
  • Lack of symmetry in the shape becomes more obvious
  • The upper lip becomes flatter and appears longer
  • The cupids bow can disappear
  • There is less ‘red-lip’ to see

(There are other anatomical changes that happen to our lower which can impact our lip area, but i’ll talk about them in another blog)

What can you do to help your lips?

Have a look at some tips and advice here for things you can do at home.

Or, in clinic, one of the most popular treatments is lip-augmentation, or lip-fillers.

This is when a soft dermal filler is used in the lip area to rehydrate and add a little structure back to the shape when it starts to show the signs I mentioned above.  These results can and should look very natural and only enhance what you have already.  No big obvious lips on my watch!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, book in for a pre-procedure consultation here.

Best  Wishes

Louise x