There are both Medical and Personal reasons why you shouldn’t have Botox injections.

Botox injections are my most popular in-clinic treatment, and for good reason – the results are clear and they contribute to making people feel great again. If you’re interested, you can book your pre-injectables consultation here. However, they’re not for everyone.

Some people cannot have anti-wrinkle injections, which is why a full and thorough consultation with your injector is vital.  

Your injector should be medically trained and registered so they can make good decisions about your suitability and safety before you go near any needle.  You know I’m a registered nurse prescriber, right? Check out my details here.

Here’s a list of reasons (contraindications) I don’t allow people to have Botox Injections:

  • Pregnant or Breast feeding women.
  • If you’re generally feeling unwell.
  • Any blood disorders.
  • Infection or inflammation at the treatment site.
  • Neuromuscular disorders.
  • If you take muscle relaxants or antibodies.
  • If you have Body Dysmorphia.
  • Any allergies to the toxin, its components or any items that are used to deliver the treatment.
Who Shouldn’t Have Anti-Wrinkle Injections? Blog By The Skin Nurse

Now, even if you’re deemed medically fit and well enough for anti-wrinkle injections, you may have personal reasons why you’d choose not to, and that’s more than OK.

I strongly believe its a very individual choice.  

Here are some reasons why you might choose not to have anti wrinkle injections (Not that you need to justify your choice BTW)

  • You dont want to!
  • You’ve not done your research; which is vital.
  • You have no lines to treat; focus on a simple skincare routine and being healthy.
  • You’re under 30; you’re too young, IMO.
  • Your friends are doing it; So what if they are?
  • You want a permanent result; Botox is not permanent.
  • You cant afford it right now.
  • You’re scared/worried; You’re not ready.

The bottom line is, its a personal choice.  You do you. Never feel pressured in to any injectable procedure.

Lets not judge those that do and lets not judge those that choose not to.

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