It seems that all my clients are suffering with rough, dry, dull skin at the moment and my first instinct is to blame the winter season.  

However, I cant help but wonder if it’s worse this time because the past couple of years have taken its toll….

I mean, I know were all exhausted and so-over the pandemic but our skin’ has suffered as well as our mindsets and lives.  

We’ve all been a bit lax with our skincare (no judgement from me, I’m totally guilty too) and I think its impacting our skins’ ability to fight back this winter.

Anyway, regardless of the reasons, all we can do is move forward and try to do a little better.

I’ve put together these tips to help you upgrade your skincare routine this winter:

10 Tips to upgrade your winter skincare routine
  • Layer up – add a Hyaluronic Acid serum under your moisturiser – for extra hydration.
  • Use a creamy cleanser rather than a foaming one – Foaming agents strip the skins natural moisture.
  • Use cooler water rather than hot – Hot water dries the skin out.
  • Use a facial oil at night.
  • Get going with Actives – Start using a Retinol product, under advice.
  • Continue to use your daily SPF – Damaging UV rays are still out there in winter!
  • Involve your lips in your moisturising – they need all the extra oils they can get.
  • Treat your skin to a facial – boost blood and oxygen supply to feed all the skin cells.
  • Try a humidifier to keep the air moist and therefore not dry your skin out so much.
  • Drink loads of water/ herb teas and (I know its hard but) avoid the dehydrating teas and coffees…

Like everything, consistency is key when it comes to healthy skin, so try to pick one or two tips from the list and give them a go.

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