The Virtual Skincare Consultation

Introducing… The Virtual Skincare Consultation

Unlock Your Skin’s Potential with Personalised Online Skincare Recommendations.

Are you tired of endlessly searching for the perfect skincare products that work for your unique skin needs, only to be disappointed with lackluster results?

Do you desire clear, glowing skin today while also future-proofing your skin for later in life?

Look no further!

The Virtual Skincare Consultation is here to revolutionise your skincare routine. Say goodbye to guesswork and generic solutions—welcome expert guidance and tailored recommendations, all from the comfort of your own home.

Take control of Your Skin and Your Skin Care Routines once and for all for just £47.

The-Skin Nurse The All Skin Club Skin Fix Consultation

Is it for you?

  • Simplify your skincare routine: Tailored solutions for your skin type and concerns.
  • Fed up with ineffective routines? Find out what will work for you.
  • Overwhelmed by choices? Discover the perfect products without the hassle.
  • No time for research? Get expert recommendations without leaving home.
  • Confused about skincare? I’ll guide you every step of the way.
  • Unlock the secrets of a Dermatology Nurse Specialist’s recommendations.
  • Stop wasting time and money on ineffective products. Discover what truly works.

I can make it easy for you...

With this remote skincare service, you will get everything you need delivered to your inbox (and then door..) and get on your way to glowing skin without leaving your sofa!

Warning: Most skin concerns worsen over time, so let’s take control NOW.

Your skin is unique, and your skincare routine should be too. Whether you have light, dark, sensitive, combination, dry, or oily skin, I can help you achieve your skincare goals.

I'm excited for you and your skin to Glow!

how to create a personalised perfect skincare routine

How does it work?

1 – After you sign up, you will receive a comprehensive skin and health assessment form via email.

2 – Once you’ve completed this online form, it will be assessed and analysed by Lou, The Skin Nurse.

3 – Within 72 working hours you will get a list of recommended products bespoke to you, cherry picked from the UK’s best Skincare brands, without any bias. Products that are not only trusted, but have already been tried and tested.

3 – You can then order as much or as little of what’s been recommended for you (At a extra cost).

4 – You get your individualized skincare products delivered to your door and start to glow!

All for just £47!


Have we met?

Skin Analysis Skin specialist Teddington Middlesex

Hello, I’m Lou, The Skin Nurse!

I LOVE all things skin and health. I’ve done all the skin and product research so you don’t have to. I can tell you exactly what your skin needs without even seeing you because I’ve been looking after all types of skin for decades! In both a beauty and medical capacity.

I know what works and what doesn’t. I know you’re busy and need effective and quick routines without the faff.

I am very excited to be working with a skincare concierge to enable me to cherry pick the best products from all the great brands out there and send you the best recommendations to help your skin look it’s best and for you to feel confident and in control, giving you one less thing to have to think about.

Lou x

Feel Healthy and Confident in Your Skin Today

Say goodbye to endless hours of product research and the frustration of trial-and-error skincare experiments.

This Remote Skincare service puts the expertise in your hands, saving you valuable time and your hard-earned money.

As your dedicated skincare ally, I will cut through the clutter, providing you with a personalised plan and handpicked products from trusted brands.

No more wasted resources on products that may or may not work, discover efficient and effective skincare tailored just for you, effortlessly

Why Choose a Virtual Skincare Consult?

Personalised Skincare Recommendations:

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches. Receive bespoke skincare recommendations tailored to your specific goals and concerns.

Non-biased Products suggestions & No pressure to buy:

It’s entirely up to you which items you decide to buy, if any, and I get to suggest my favourite most effective skincare products to you from lots of different brands which I am not affiliated to.

Convenient Online Service:

Access professional advice and recommendations from the comfort of your home, at your convenience.

Expert Guidance and Support:

With decades of experience as a registered Dermatology Nurse, I am dedicated to your skincare journey. Let me be your trusted partner in achieving healthy, radiant skin.

Tailored Product Recommendations:

Cut through the clutter with curated selections of high-quality skincare products from trusted brands. No more wasting money on ineffective products—get recommendations aligned with your skincare philosophy.

Ongoing Care and Follow-up:

Skincare is a journey, and I’m committed to your long-term success. We’ll stay connected, adjusting your regimen as needed to help you maintain your desired skin health and radiance.

Just one delivery fee for you:

Because we are using a skincare concierge for this service, you dont have to order directly from different brands, saving you time any money.

Wait, no face-to-face skin assessment?!

Rest assured, my comprehensive online process gathers all the necessary information to provide accurate and personalised recommendations. You know your skin best, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

PS. I really don’t belive in these lengthy 9/10-step skincare routines or overpriced products—just straightforward, effective skincare solutions tailored to your needs.


How do I receive my recommended skincare routine?

You will be sent all the information you need to the email you book with. Please keep a eye on your spam folder just incase!

How long does the process take?

After you’ve paid you’ll get immediate access to your online form, once this is received you’ll get your recomendations within 72 working hours.

Are the product recommendations personalised to my skin type?

Yes! Your health/skin questionaire will be assessed by Dermatology Nurse specialist Lou, who will only recommend appropriate products for your skin type and concerns.

Can I use my existing skincare products in conjunction with the recommended routine?

Yes! I dont want you to waste what you already have, so if I recommend a retinol product (for example) and you already have one, by all means use yours up first.

What brands are included in the product recommendations?

So many! This is what makes it so exciting.  Just some of the brands I get to choose from are… Obagi, Medik8, Neostrata, Heliocare, Epionce, IsClinical, Skinbetter Science, Cerave… and thats just off the top of my head, there are loads!

Are the recommended products available for purchase through your service?

You will be able to buy the products, if you choose to via the links you’ll be sent – it will be very easy and convenient for you, without any pressure to buy.

Can I ask questions or seek further clarification during or after the consultation?

All questions and queries must be included in your form and submitted after your booking. Otherwise you can email

Do you offer ongoing support or follow-ups?

Currently this is a one off service, you can re-book if you’d like amendments or feel you have different needs or your skin has changed. For example I wrote a new routine for a client who was going travelling for 6 months and she needed something very different to when she was living in the UK and commuting to work each day.