Hello, I’m Louise, The Skin Nurse.

I am a registered dermatology and cosmetic Nurse and an independent Nurse prescriber.

How you feel is what matters most.

Botox injections and dermal fillers may reduce or remove lines and wrinkles, but if your skin doesn’t look healthy, are you really going to look and feel confident?  I don’t think so…which is why I offer the full package.


I strongly believe there is little point in having cosmetic injectables if you’re not looking after your skin at home.

It’s incredible how a skin issue can impact the way we feel about ourselves, but luckily it is easy to make small manageable adjustments to our routines which will positively impact our skin and help us to feel like the best versions of who we are.  Have a look at my thorough consultation process here, which is the exciting first step to start your journey with me.

Less is always more in my opinion –  It’s all about looking and feeling your absolute best, not looking younger.

I’m very lucky to do what I LOVE for work and I am very grateful for the fabulous clients and colleagues who I get to work with.  The best thing about my work is the difference I make to the people I help.

I KNOW I have a positive impact on my clients and make them feel good.

You can read what my clients have to say about me throughout this website and on my social media profiles.

I’ve practiced in the skin and medical industries for more than 18 years now (Eeek!) and I am still as passionate about skin and health today as I was back in the early days.

I am very proud to be an Independent Nurse Prescriber

…which means not only am I a highly qualified registered Nurse, but I am legally and professionally registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council to practice and prescribe medications within my specialty.  This is very important, especially if you’re considering having Botox injections for example – because these are ‘prescription-only’ medications, they are definitely not a beauty treatment. My qualifications and experience should give you the reassurance that when I assess, diagnose and treat your skin concerns, I do it thoroughly and to the highest medical standard.  My service is confidential, just like any professional medical practice so rest assured that your privacy will be upheld.

The procedures I offer aren’t suitable for everyone and I have a ‘over 30’s only’ policy

…for many reasons, all explained in this article here (Coming very soon) I work within the unique ‘cosmetic industry’ which is ever evolving (and will soon be better regulated, I hope) and I have created my business around my strong personal values, one of which is ‘being true to yourself’ and for me this means having the courage to do whats right for YOU, no-one else.

I’m not working in this industry to add to the pressures we are all under to look a certain way…

Far from it, I believe we all need to accept ourselves for who we are and make the best of what we were given so that we feel incredible, every day.  If this means you’d like to consider a little helping hand, then that is your decision and as long as it makes you feel even better then it’s all good. We’re all surrounded by unrealistic images of what’s perceived as ‘perfection’ and what’s deemed as right or wrong…It’s all very overwhelming and puts a ridiculous amount of pressure on us all.

I get it, because I feel it too.

It’s my aim to be honest and open about the pros & cons of all the procedures I offer, relating to your individual needs and health, I want to support you with your journey to feeling super confident and happy for just being yourself.  I am always striving to improve and learn to enable me to help you more.

I want you to look and FEEL confident.

You will not get the hard-sell from me, just appropriate, practical advice on what I believe will benefit you.

So, what now?

If you like what you’ve read, then please ensure you check me out a bit more over on my social media profiles, grab yourself a freebie here which is a download I created named the ‘Top Ten myths about Botox’ (which I hear regularly) this very valuable information if you’re considering them.

Or…If you’re ready, book in to see me for a consultation here.

Thanks for popping by, I look forward to working with you soon. Best Wishes Louise x

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