So, in the mornings we need to remove the sweat and dirt we’ve acquired through the night, then we need to protect our skin from all the exposure it is going to get throughout the day.  Think weather, pollution, stress, AC…

Now, I know we are all very busy and there is never enough time, so we need a effective morning routine which we can do in minutes, get results AND one that prevents premature ageing.

Step one

Clean your skin with a cleanser in the shower.  Gently use your fingers; we don’t need to faff around with cotton wool or goats-milk-soaked-muslin-hot-towels.  Really, your hands are just perfect for this :).

Step Two

Apply a topical antioxidant.  It’s always the FIRST thing I recommend you put on to your skin, it’s a fluid-like serum which works absolute wondersClick here to read the benefits of using a topical antioxidant serum.  I am in my 30’s and use this one –  I LOVE it, and so do many of my clients, its award winning too!  It’s FAB for preventing the signs of ageing and helps our skin look fresh.

Step Three

Apply a broad-spectrum SPF (Minimum SPF30)  A modern, decent SPF will add moisture AND protect your skin.  I like this one because it has a universal tint so this step doubles up as my make up base too (You know how pale I am and it works, it also suits my friends who have more olive skin tones, clever huh?).  Double win!  If you prefer a more dewy look id go for this SPF.

There you have it!  In my opinion, the most important 3 skincare steps we need to take every morning.

Notes on the above – Yes, I’ve skipped the Toner (Shock horror!).  Unless you have a very oily skin I don’t believe this a ‘vital’ step for us busy ladies!  Toners strip away our skins natural moisturizing factor and we need to hold on to as much of this as possible.  I know some of you love your toners but were talking about speed here…and every second counts!

I’ve also skipped a moisturizer too… (What the…) If you stick with me for your skincare needs, your skin will work more efficiently and will need less products overall.  Look at that, not only am I saving you time in the mornings, I will be saving you money AND keeping your skin looking gorgeous,  fresh and healthy!!  What more could you possibly need..?


Louise, TSN x