Do Men have Botox?

The simple answer to this question is: Absolutely!  This is because wrinkles and other facial changes that are synonymous with ageing are of course not exclusive to women. So, what’s stopping men from taking control of their appearance and using the leading global cosmetic procedure?

The stats – Do Men have Botox?

Whilst it is true that traditionally, men have not been the targeted demographic for Botox promotion campaigns, recent trends are proving that it is time to dispel the stigma of men using Botox in a female dominated market. In the US, there has been a 182% increase in Botox procedures on men from 2000 to 2020, with a recent report uncovering that men now make up approximately 8% of all Botox procedures. This makes it the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure for all men in the US, with 265,247 men opting for Botox treatment in 2020. Therefore, there is undoubtedly truth in saying that the statistics speak for themselves, demonstrating this ever-growing presence of male Botox customers.

In fact, Botox for men has become so normalised that the term ‘Brotox’ has been coined to represent the increasingly large male demographic embracing the cosmetic world. This Brotox boom has seen all age groups get involved, with more and more younger men using Botox for its preventative benefits.

Do Men have Botox?

Do Men have Botox – The current research

Current research has shown that investing in Botox in your twenties and thirties can effectively allow you to skip the ageing process, meaning continued use will delay the onset of wrinkles until you make the decision to stop having Botox later on in life. This ‘Baby Botox’ has countless benefits for younger men embarking on their professional careers, with a more youthful and healthy appearance working wonders for confidence and wellbeing. In a world where social media has such a large presence in our lives, it is no surprise that more men wish to take control of their facial appearance, just as they do by going to the gym, eating healthily and dressing fashionably to maintain their general aesthetic.


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