Grrrr… I’m NOT angry!  Why do I have frown lines?

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Botox, Uncategorized

The vertical lines that appear in-between our eyebrows can make us look a little less than happy. 

These lines appear at different ages and are due to the natural ageing process and our facial expressions.

For those of us who are more expressive with our facial movements or who have stronger facial muscles will develop these lines early and they can often become deeper and more noticeable faster.  Also these lines tend to be more apparent and deeper on people who have worshiped the sun too much over the years…

Unfortunately, these frown lines can make us appear a little bit grumpy even when were having a great day…and that is annoying!  Ever heard ‘Cheer up it might never happen?’ (I hate that…)

So, what can be done?

Prevention:       ce_ferulic

Prevention is better than cure!  Are you giving your skin the best chance and protecting it properly?

Sun safety – If you’re serious about looking after your skin, and slowing down the ageing process you really need to be wearing a broad-spectrum SPF every day like this lightweight SPF which is even suitable for sensitive skins and wont leave your skin feeling greasy.  For Double-Defense and protection adding a topical antioxidant will give your skin SO much more because it works like a treatment in a bottle and keeps your skin working effectively, like it did when we were younger!


Anti-wrinkle injections (ie Botox) have a great effect on frown lines.  These injections work by relaxing the Glabella muscle which then softens the lines on the skins surface.  (See the before and after images below)

Dermal Fillers are sometimes used for this, but it does come

with more risks due to the important anatomical features and vessels in this area.

In my opinion…To rid yourself of those pesky frown lines, Anti-wrinkle injections are often a good choice, however you must always have a consultation to discuss your options and see what is suitable for you.

My clients don’t look cross anymore and some claim that they feel less ‘stress headaches’ due to the muscles in that area feeling more relaxed following their anti-wrinkle injection procedure.

I am a firm believer that in order to look healthy and youthful our skin should look fresh and supple, so a decent skincare regimen is paramount too.

If you have any question, do drop me a line, or book in for your consultation today!