The Skin Nurse Face-All

If you’ve read anything about me, you’ll know I love all things skin related.
I know that the benefits form having a skin treatment or facial are not just to soften and deep cleanse our skin.

The Skin Nurse FacialThe human touch, the massage and all the nice layering of gorgeous products makes a big difference to how we feel too.  Don’t you feel totally lovely and cozy after a facial?
I know I do, which is why I am currently researching the best facial in and around London, someone’s got to do it, right?!

I often feel a bit of a cheat when I give someone a skin peel because its all over and done with pretty quickly, so I wanted to offer something a bit more luxury too…

Imagine combining the luxury of a spa facial treatment with advanced cosmeceutical skin products AND the techniques of a skilled Dermatology nurse, who was (in a past life) a beauty and massage therapist…

The results would be beautiful.

If you fancy treating yourself and getting that gorgeous feel-good factor, alongside flawless skin and lay down and be pampered for a hour, then you are on the right page.Client feedback after skin treatment teddington

After a full skin analysis, a bespoke treatment will be designed to address your individual skin-specific needs and send you off to relaxation land.

A full skin treatment which will include all the components of a facial.  The cleansing, exfoliating, possibly a peel (if appropriate) a nourishing mask, a massage and you’ll be left with super smooth hydrated skin to go home with, plus of course a SPF…

Treatment is approximately one hour and costs from £250.

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