What is Pigmentation?

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Simply put, pigmentation is the colour in our skin ( hair and eyes).

We all have different amounts of pigment in our skin and this is determined by the amount of melanin (the colour) which our bodies produces.

The amount of melanin produced depends on two things:


UVA & UVB Protection. Teddington

One – Your skin type

Two – The amount of exposure to sunlight you get

Lighter skin has less melanin than a darker skin.

Other than giving colour to our skin, melanin provides some protection too, by absorbing UVB radiation from the sun.

A sun tan (Melanogenesis) is the result of higher melanin production; the body’s own defences against damaging UVB rays.

Hormonal factors can also have an impact on melanin production, resulting in pigmentation disorders, ie Melasma, pigmentation during pregnancy, as can environmental issues effect our melanin production.

Whats the best way to combat and reduce pigmentation?

ce ferulic Teddington

An award winning topical antioxidant. THE SKIN NURSE TEDDINGTON.

I advise ALL my clients to use a topical antioxidant along with a decent SPF daily, these can work as a total ‘power-couple’ and make a big difference to all skin types.

If you have any questions about pigmentation, do get in touch.

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Louise, The skin Nurse