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So you’ve taken the plunge and booked an appointment to get your lines smoothed out – Very exciting!  But how will you feel afterwards? And will you look OK to go straight back to work after having Botox? Immediately after, you will be very aware that ‘something’ has happened. This is especially true if you…(Read More)

That’s the million dollar question! At what age should YOU start having Botox? Although Botox has become normalized for some people, it is still considered an extreme measure for others. I am 100% sure that we all know someone who has Botox injections, whether they have told you or not.  However, what’s most…(Read More)

  Will having Botox hurt? The truth is, if there’s a needle involved, it might hurt a little, you will feel something.  I am often asked ‘Do Botox injections hurt?’  The key to this, as with any injection, is to try to relax (easier for some than others, I know). Often it’s the…(Read More)

When it comes to cosmetic procedures and products, working out whether they’re vegan or not can be more complicated than you’d first think.  ‘A vegan is defined as a person who does not eat or use any animal products’ With over 7% of the UK population calling themselves vegan now, some of these…(Read More)

We’ve all heard of Botox (Botulinum toxin) and although most people have an opinion about it they don’t really know what it actually is, or how it works.  So I wanted to briefly explain… Cosmetically, Botox is used to temporarily improve the look of some facial lines and wrinkles.  When injected, Botox can…(Read More)

Interesting question.  It may come as a surprise to you but lot’s of people ask me if they can book in for Botox…without a consultation first. I get it, were all busy hard working people and time is scarce but were talking about injections into your gorgeous face here, so lets get real…(Read More)

  Are Botox injections Safe? Surprisingly, not many people ask me the question “Are Botox injections Safe” directly out-right, but they do ask online and it certainly gets googled, a-lot and rightly so! If you have an opinion about Botox injections, then you should know this stuff. If you’ve had Botox injections…(Read More)

In my experience, these fabulous anti-wrinkle injections tend to last between 3-7 months.  Your body will naturally metabolise away the Botox over time, just like any medication we are given. I realize that 3-7 months is quite a vague time frame, but there are a few individual factors which will impact on…(Read More)

This is a VERY effective treatment for excessive sweating. My clients tell me that it is ‘life changing’ because they have often suffered in silence for many years.  Some have sought help from their GP and tried various anti-perspirants and topical medications but still suffer with large under arm wet patches throughout the day…(Read More)