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What Are Active Ingredients in Skincare Products? Active ingredients are substances in skincare products that can make actual changes to your skin, helping to alleviate certain skin complaints. These are ingredients that work on your skin at a cellular level. Now, a good skincare product will usually contain at least one ‘active’ ingredient. However, what…(Read More)

There’s a good reason why a lot of skin products don’t actually do much: Despite all their snazzy marketing campaigns and big promises, most fail to do exactly what they say on the tin!  Why? Because the active ingredient in the product is minimal. If you’ve not already read my other short…(Read More)

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz have both suffered from, and overcome acne in their adult life – so there is relief out there! I often get asked ‘Why am I getting spots at my age?’ Fact:  More than 80% of cases of adult acne occur in women, and reported cases are rapidly on the…(Read More)

I am excited to share some news with you! I have introduced another skin procedure to my services – I trained with this brand last year and have been trialling and testing it out and watching the results since then and I am pleased to say I really like it and so did my first few…(Read More)

Product focus- Retexturing Activator This gorgeous dual-action serum simultaneously exfoliates skin and replenishes moisture for radiant and smoother looking skin.  I love to apply this before bed at night and leave it to work its magic – then wake up with super hydrated and smooth skin! Benefits: Helps to renew the epidermis by resurfacing it…(Read More)

Simply put, pigmentation is the colour in our skin ( hair and eyes). We all have different amounts of pigment in our skin and this is determined by the amount of melanin (the colour) which our bodies produces. The amount of melanin produced depends on two things: One – Your skin type Two – The amount…(Read More)

I always get excited when a new Skinceuticals product is released. …not because I get invited to a launch evening in a posh London hotel and not because I get a new toy to play with… but mostly because Skinceuticals products are tried, tested, researched, improved and finally formulated with clinical studies to prove they…(Read More)

When it’s time to buy gifts for my Mum, I know I have a little bit of a head start as I have access to some of the best skin products around and luckily, like me, my Mum wants gorgeous glowing skin! I like to treat Mum to new skin products for Mothers day…(Read More)

I know you’re probably thinking ‘Yeah yeah, I’ve heard of these so-called miracle products before’ but give me a minute to explain, because I am just as skeptical (probably more actually) of skincare products as you are. Believe me when I say I rarely trust these big brands and I often roll…(Read More)